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Thanks for the list. I just got into aquariums and tropical fish as a hobby and your list is really helpful. Wouldnt want to see fish floating at the top of my tank as a first timer.


Very Good points for the beginner to take note of. The following points are also worthy of note,

1) My advice would be to start with a tank size you will be comfortable maintaining.
2) Important items that are needed to successfully keep a marine fish aquarium include a heater and thermometer.
3) It is worth remembering to always take a water sample to the store for test when purchasing a new fish.
4) Knowing where the fish you are buying comes from is very important. While this may not be an issue when selecting common species of fish for your aquarium, it is a concern for reef fish and coral, which are caught in the wild.

I hope this helps some one out there.

Fish Tanks

Great information, beginners need to make sure that they research their fish. Find out which are compatible and what sort of tank is necessary for certain types of fish. I would also add that you need to let a new tank sit and filter through before entering the fish, you don't want to shock the fish by putting them into the tank to early.

Merritt Adkins

Great points guys! Thanks for adding your thoughts and comments on my article. :-)

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