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What do you think about these lights 3 months later?

Captive Aquatics

Quality stuff, great for shallow reef aquariums. Doubt I'd use them on anything deeper than 18-24", though.

Aquarium Lighting Supplies

LED's are pretty neat, but for my tank I have to use metal halides or fluorescents. Just not enough light penetration for my corals in my 75 gallon tank. Unless I am misinformed about LED's.

Andrea Evans

really beautiful and stylish

Steven; LED Lights

In response to "Aquarium Lighting Supplies"; many modern LED lights (using Cree XRE emitters) have actually proven themselves equal or superior to Metal Halides in controlled tests. It simply depends upon the LED compared, as many are not reef or planted aquarium capable

Captive Aquatics

I agree with you that there are a lot of factors: the emitter, the lens, and many other factors all play a role.

I am not aware of any "controlled tests" performed with coral other than those done by Anthony Calfo. Link, please?

Captive Aquatics

There are plenty of LED options for a 75 gallon tank. As long as your tank is 24" or shallower, LED lighting should work just fine.

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