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jake adams

The ignorance and lack of understanding about water flow in this entry is appalling. Closed loops have their place but what Calfo concocted is nothing like a closed loop. Including that illustration is the cherry on top of this parody of an article. I implore you to remove or seriously revise this blog entry.

Captive Aquatics

I find this comment amusing, especially from someone who is basically a "front" for the aquarium product industry, and who's site is sponsored by EcoTech Marine AND Hydor. If you have a specific issue with the post, please address that - a blanket statement of "appalling ignorance" or "you're wrong just because I say so" doesn't help anyone learn anything, which is the main purpose of this blog.

If you'll notice, I initially put the term "closed loop" in quotations, because although it refers to a specific design in plumbing terms, in the world of aquarium jargon that is not necessarily so, as you should know. The picture illustrates the basic concept of a Calfo closed loop manifold, a very simple and effective method for reef aquarium water movement in home aquariums, which is what this post is discussing. It's not the only way, and arguably not the best way, but it beats the heck out of a half dozen prop pumps stuck inside a tank.

The point of this post is to encourage aquarists to move away from in-tank pumps. Anyone touting that putting big cages around propellers in an aquarium is a superior method of water motion than a pre-plumbed, multi-directional water return system with a central pump is badly misinformed, or lacks experience, and I noticed you didn't disagree with that - and of course, public aquariums and other professional systems almost always use closed loop style circulation.

I believe you said it best in your Advanced Aquarist series: "use modest equipment to produce adequate water flow".


Hey I see what you're getting at here - I've got a couple of Koralia pumps in my 75 gallon fish only setup, and they've been working pretty good for me, but I'm increasingly getting interested in a closed loop style of water pump system. I don't really have too much of a problem with the pumps getting gunked up and stuff though, they've been running maintenance free for about a year.

The only problem with my setup is I just really might not have enough room to add something like this, my aquarium is in some pretty tight quarters haha, but if I used some thinner plumbing and made it as form-fitting as I possibly could, moreso than some of the other examples I see online, I might be able to make it work without being too cumbersome for my situation.

Fish Tank Filters

Just like Jake I too am interested in setting up a closed loop styled system but I too am inhibited by a lack of space. Just trying to see if there's a work around that I could use.

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