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WOW. Fantastic website. I think the logo is the simplest, "coolest", one I've seen anywhere - very nice. I have a tropical aquarium question for your company. As I understand it (with my very basic knowledge in this field) the Nitrogen Cycle is as follows: Decaying organic mat'l ---> Ammonium ---> Nitrites ---> Nitrates ---> water changes remove the Nitrates. My question is: What if I have a powerful canister filter removing 100% of the Ammonium (with Zeolite crystals) to begin with...so that the Nitrogen cycle never forms? Is it mandatory to have the Nitrogen cycle present in some form? Ammonium levels, Nitrite levels, and Nitrate levels are all non-existent in my tank. I just don't know if this is doing something else to hurt water quality.

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