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Michael Barton

I have one of picoaquariums deep blue series tanks and it is amazing! he does great work

Michael Barton

Oh and that default pic of the bigger tanks is actually MY TANK!!!! YEP IM THE OG


They look nice! What is the volume of those little tanks?

PicO Aquariums.com

Orca is 1.75 G
Barracuda is 3.5 G

Deep blues are 7, 14 and 25 G

Danyal Thompson

So this is where they get the barracuda tanks. I've seen some amazing tanks done on nano-reef but hadn't really looking into where they got the tanks. Very much looking forward to the coming review.

Captive Aquatics

It arrives today - review coming soon!

Captive Aquatics

Pico aquarium review posted!

Fresh Water Aquariums Guide

I've never been a great fan of small cube aquariums and haven't taken much notice of the range there are. I didn't realize that they go up to 25 gallons. I still favor the traditional size and shape tanks but may well give the larger nano a try.

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