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Richard @ Aquarium Pet Supplies

So what are your feelings about how easy cichlids are to keep for newbies? Do you plan to provide a list of recommended "starter species"? Also, please ensure you make a mention of how territorial some species are in the breeding season and so stocking densities often need to be lower than for a tropical community tank for example.

joshua@freshwater aquariums

Thanks for the information... i can't wait for the next post...


Thanks for the ideas Richard! I will make sure to point those out in the next post.


My experience has been that South American fish are much easier to raise than African cichlid species. It seems they are less aggressive, although, it is all species specific of course. I had no problems raising Jewel, Firemouth, and Convict Cichlids. Other cichlids to add later might be a Jack Dempsey or Green Terror Cichlids. These seem to be more aggressive though and the Dempseys get large.

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