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Account Deleted

Excellent review, lots of information. Thanks for sharing.

I would like to read more about the lighting needs of Zooxanthellae in the future.

How many hours per day do you recommend running the light? How about the moonlight?

Regarding feeding corals at night with live food - do I need to turn off the moon light ?

Account Deleted

I enjoyed reading the review, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I think the time have come for LEDs: since John Cunningham published in September 2007
"Aquarium LED Lighting – A Major Advance Or Is Metal Halide Still The Light Of Choice?"

Orphek proves that LEDs can and will replace MH lighting (alwayss the Israelis!)


Captive Aquatics

I've been getting a lot of questions about using this light in a canopy. If the canopy is vented, it will work just fine.

Additionally, although this and other LED lighting can seem expensive, in purely electrical costs this light will pay for itself in three years when compared to a 400w metal halide. That's not including the investment required for a chiller, bulbs, etc. LED is here to stay!

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